Services Provided by Centre Practice

Centre Practice provides a portfolio of medical services within the following areas of expertise.

Joint Pain Diagnosis

Getting a diagnosis is the first step to finding a solution for your joint pain. Seeing a consultant joint specialist privately within our convenient practice setting provides rapid affordable access to expert medical advice. You will have the time to discuss your problems and concerns and a full medical history and examination will be undertaken. X-rays, MRI Scans or Blood Tests will be arranged and you will receive considered advice and the best options for treatment.

Medical Imaging

If you need X-rays or Scans, they can now be arranged on-line within a few days. The imaging report is then forwarded directly to you and your GP. Your indications for scanning are carefully assessed by a doctor or other clinician who we introduce before onward referral to the Imaging Centre. If you prefer you can be seen in person but most find the on-line service cost effective and convenient. All images are arranged at a location convenient to your home in partnership with a national network of Imaging Centres.

Joint Pain Injections

Where appropriate we can arrange an appointment for you for steroid injections, hyaluronan lubricants and anti-inflammatories for joint pain. The longer acting preparations are particularly useful for osteoarthritic pain. We can arrange appointments if you are medically insured or if you are a self-paying patient.

For further information or to make an appointment email us onĀ  leaving your name and number and we will get back to you.

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